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“Perfect size and shape, freezes quickly while remaining somewhat flexible. The Terry cloth covers are SO SOFT and easily washed. I was shocked at how well these are made. There was serious thought put into every aspect of design and the quality here is obvious. Well worth the cost. Wish I had gotten these sooner.”


“A Godsend after my pregnancy! I only wish I bought them before I gave birth so they would be ready to go after the birth. More covers would be nice since after birth its pretty messy and you don’t always have time to wash and dry the covers since it only takes an hour to refreeze the packs. I did not use these for heat.”

M. Blowers

“These things are the best!! They’re super comfortable, and I love the fact that they’re foldable. I had surgery on my foot about 2 months ago and they’ve been a huge help with the swelling.”


“Everyone in my family uses the gentlepak®! I keep it in the freezer for my kid’s bumps and bruises, it’s so easy to use and provides instant relief. Because of the terry cover, they never complain it’s too hot or too cold, it’s just right! Even my husband uses gentlepak® for muscle pain relief.”


“I bought these for my wife postpartum because she quickly ran out of the freebies that the hospital sent us home with. They are wonderful! They lasted longer than the disposables and there are enough in the package where you can rotate them. The washable terry covers are nice, too. The size is perfect, and we will definitely keep the ice packs around because they would work fine for a sore wrist or neck.”


“I had hemorrhoids so bad after I gave birth. At the hospital they gave me an ‘ice diaper,’ which was the only thing that helped with the pain! I was desperate to find something similar. I ordered these and they were worth every penny! I love the covers that came with the ice packs too. Highly recommended!”


My wife has chronic pelvic pain, and we got these for her to use during flareups. They’re the perfect size and fin enough that they are not detectable through clothing. They stay cold for approximately half an hour, and the little covers that come with them are fantastic! My only complaint would be that there are not enough covers. Otherwise, these are great for postpartum, hemorrhoids, or general pelvic nerve pain.

We did contact the seller to see where we could buy more of the Terry cloth covers, and they sent us a couple of extras for no charge. You just don’t get customer service like that very often these days. We’d gladly buy from this seller again!”


“I got these to prep for postpartum recovery after having my 4th baby. So thankful I bought them a month early because I ended up getting hemmorhoids and needing these for pain relief for that even before having baby. These freeze well and are smooth when you take them out, not stiff and crunchy or hard. The black sleeves are soft and easily washed up. Glad for the color due to where these ice packs are used they can get some blood on them. I can’t recommend these to new moms enough, so worth the price for the comfort you’ll get when you need it most.

Rachel Quenga

“LOVE this product! I went home from the hospital with my sweet newborn. I have second degree tearing and when I went home I wasn’t prepared at all. I ordered these because the ice packs that the hospital sent home leaked all over a regular pad. I put the three GentlePacks in the freezer and they froze quickly. I put them in the washable sleeves and put them on the outside of my underwear and it relieves the pain and swelling. I have recommended these to all my pregnant friends!!

Kayla Lopez

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comfortable and discreet

flexible when frozen

washable and reusable

safe and eco friendly

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