Yeast infections

Almost half of women worldwide will have a vaginal yeast infection before age fifty.

While the symptoms are uncomfortable—itching, burning, thick discharge—yeast infections are easily treatable. gentlepak® – provides you with cool comfort in a discreet, flexible cold pack. To diagnose you correctly be sure to visit your health care practitioner.

Yeast Infection Heat Pads: Do They Work?

Nothing can be compared to heat therapy because it is one of the best methods used to cure various infections and ailments. There is no denying that heat therapy has been used by people for centuries in many cultures.

In the past few decades, heat therapy was rediscovered and is now used as an effective remedy for chronic yeast infection treatment. Also, it is an inexpensive way to treat a yeast infection. Moreover, many doctors recommend using yeast infection heat pads instead of anti-fungal medication.

The heat generated from the pads helps to break up the microorganisms that caused the infection and allowing your doctor to treat the yeast infection right at the source.

How Does A Heat Pad Work?

Heat pads make the affected area a lot better. In short, heat pads work by relieving the burning and itching sensation of the affected areas. When you use a heating pad alongside prescribed topical treatment, the results are very promising.

Moreover, heat pads keep the area dry and make the healing process quick. Heat therapy is associated with yeast infection as well. After getting infected, you will find that yeast infection relied on the imbalance caused by the natural flora inside your body.

And, this imbalance can be caused by multiple factors such as using birth control pills, steroids, antibiotics, and so on. Hence, when you use heat therapy on the infected area, it helps to improve the balance in your metabolism and prevent the spreading of fungal infections.

How to Apply Heat Pads for Yeast Infection

Here are a few important steps to start the healing process.

Things You Can Do to Prevent Yeast Infections

Why Should You Use Heating Pads for Yeast Infections?

Never forget that yeast infections can have serious consequences if left untreated. Many people have been benefited by using heating pads because they are effective in yeast infection treatment.

Now you can feel more comfortable and become free from your yeast infection by using our products. We will stay with you throughout your journey to recovery. Our range of high-quality and washable heat pads is designed to recover you from the yeast infection in very little time. Moreover, the heating pads serve as great gift ideas for your loved ones.

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