They’re uncomfortable, painful, and disruptive to our lives. gentlepak® offers immediate relief from the burning, itching and irritation associated with hemorrhoids. The discreet, flexible, reusable cold packs provide the cool comfort you crave. Get a reprieve from the discomfort and seize your day.

How Do Ice Packs Help in Relieving Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids, often known as piles, are frequent ailments. Pain, anal irritation, and gastrointestinal bleeding can all be caused by enlarged veins. Symptoms usually heal with at-home therapies, although surgical treatments are sometimes required. Hemorrhoid treatment may be avoided by eating more fiber.

What Causes Hemorrhoid Pain?

Hemorrhoids are caused by bulging veins in the colon or rectum. You may think of them as bulging veins on your lower legs.

Anal or rectal veins may become enlarged because of any exertion that puts stress on the stomach. Hemorrhoids can develop as a result of:

Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

Anti-inflammatory medication may be prescribed by your doctor to assist in alleviating the symptoms. These suggestions will aid in the reduction of discomfort and edema.

Make use of ice packs. Our ice pack applied to outside hemorrhoid will help reduce pain quickly. It will aid in the reduction of blood clots. For 15 – 20 minutes, use the hemorrhoids ice treatment. To avoid skin discomfort, use the terry cover around the region.

Why Do Some Physicians Advocate Alternating Between Warn and Cold Compresses for Hemorrhoids?

Oddly, both heat and cold therapy can help with hemorrhoid relief. A new study evaluated the effects of a hot vs. a cold pack on hemorrhoid pain relief. The researchers discovered that resting hemorrhoids in hot water for two weeks gave more alleviation than other methods. Wet heat relaxes the muscles of the anal canal, lowering internal anal tension. It allows the wounded hemorrhoid treatment and neighboring tissue to heal faster. It could be helpful if you have a rectal fissure rather than hemorrhoid. However, before you do anything, speak with your physician about the efficacy of these therapies.

You can use a hot pack once the ice packs have been applied. You can quickly relieve the pain caused by hemorrhoids by switching.

To increase effects, ice bags are used in conjunction with sitz baths. Hot sitz baths promote better blood circulation through the blood vessel. After a sitz shower, put ice packs to constrict the veins, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain.

How Does It Work?

We provide a portable cold therapy product that provides fast and effective hemorrhoid relief. Ice is well renowned for its capability to relieve swelling and discomfort fast. Their unique form focuses and flexibility provides cold treatment where it’s required without putting pressure on your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Ice Treatment

Using Hemorrhoid ice treatment multiple times a day is usually recommended by doctors. Ice is a powerful blocker, which slows the flow of blood to the hemorrhoids’ enlarged veins and provides quick relief. It’s all-natural, drug-free, and suitable for expecting mothers.

It’s not necessary to push yourself to have a stool movement. Do not spend too much time in the bathroom. These motions can put more stress on the abdomen and anus muscles.

Drink a lot of water. Constipation can be avoided with the use of liquids. Inquire about the number of fluids you should drink daily and which drinks are good for you.

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