kick your pelvic pain to the door
with gentlepak™ ice & heat pad.

Perineal postpartum ice pack freezes quickly and stays flexible even when frozen, so you can pop it easily in your pants.
It’s not just for moms! Treat hemorrhoid pain, laser hair-removal pain, prostatitis, and all other pelvic discomfort.
Super-soft terry sleeves are washable and quick-dry, letting you use them over and over.
Pads are contoured and perfectly sized to fit in your underwear.
Convenient carry pouch lets you go anywhere without leaving your gentlepak™ behind.
Gel packs are made with all-natural and non-toxic materials—plus they give you the longest-lasting heat or cool for extended relief.
Set includes 2/3 gel-filled pads and 2/3 terry cloth sleeves.