• Stay-at-Home Halloween

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Halloween is the best and this year it’s on a Saturday night with an extra hour of the day. Talk about bewitching perfection. But it also happens to fall in the scariest year in recorded history, 2020, during a worldwide health crisis. Still, the kids shouldn’t suffer and miss out on the fun of celebrating Halloween. Even high-risk Halloween can be fun at a distance. Who says costumes, laughter, and fun can’t still be had by all ages?

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  • The Ultimate Postpartum Guide: What Happens After You Give Birth

The Ultimate Postpartum Guide: What Happens After You Give Birth

Nearly 90 percent of women will have a child. Yet for an event so common—and dramatically life-altering—it’s striking how rarely we discuss what happens to us. Forget diapers and pacifiers. We want to talk about how motherhood transforms our minds, our bodies, and our health. (And why talking about it just might save our lives.) Welcome to the WH unfiltered reality guide.

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  • A Guide to Breastfeeding

A Guide to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be one of the most rewarding—and challenging—experiences for both mother and baby. For some, the process comes easily; for others, it’s the opposite and can lead to stress, even judgment. It’s a layered topic and one that Jennifer Lezak knows well.

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  • Postpartum Recovery Top 5 Foods

Postpartum Recovery Top 5 Foods

Moms who have just given birth need good nutrition to support their healing and recovery. And for mothers who are breast-feeding, their diet also has a direct impact on their baby's health and growth. Nutrition is so important after childbirth, here are our five most important nutrients for postpartum mothers. Below are highlights from our discussion.

  • How to Start Exercising After Giving Birth

How to Start Exercising After Giving Birth

If you had an uncomplicated delivery, you can get back out there sooner than you might think. If you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, you can start gentle exercise almost immediately after delivery. Just be sure to clear it with a medical professional first. If you had a cesarean or if you had any kind of birth trauma, you may need to wait longer before resuming exercise.

  • The Power of Play

The Power of Play

No matter what the situation or how far removed we were are from normal life, let's encourage our children to play. The games kids play are not nonsense: they’re full of cultural meaning; they help children (and coyotes, and gorillas) develop empathy; they encourage resilience; they help motor development; and they help children work through their feelings around otherwise unsettling events, like a global pandemic, productively.

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  • Thoughtful gifts for new Mamas

Thoughtful gifts for new Mamas

A new mother may be one of the hardest people to shop for. What does she need? Time with her baby—and sleep. What does she want? Time with her baby—and sleep. But there are a few considered choices that will help celebrate this tender, whirlwind time (and might even make it a little easier).

  • Summer Pregnancy - What to Expect & What to Do

Summer Pregnancy – What to Expect & What to Do

Ah, summer: backyard barbecues, beach vacations, fresh lemonade and...a baby the size of a watermelon sitting on your bladder all day? While this time of year can invoke a breezy sense of freedom, being pregnant in the summer (especially if you're in the third trimester) can also be challenging, to say the least.

  • One for The Dads

One for The Dads

Our Gentlepak® isn’t just used to relieve perineal pain for new Moms, Dads use them too. Mr Gentlepak® has been known to ice his sore neck and back when feeling pain or discomfort. It's also a great way to treat prostatitis.

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