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Halloween is the best and this year it’s on a Saturday night with an extra hour of the day. Talk about bewitching perfection. But it also happens to fall in the scariest year in recorded history, 2020, during a worldwide health crisis.

Still, the kids shouldn’t suffer and miss out on the fun of celebrating Halloween. Even high-risk Halloween can be fun at a distance. Who says costumes, laughter, and fun can’t still be had by all ages? The only limitations to this year’s Halloween night celebration are masks and imagination. Here are some of our favorite spooky ideas.

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Decorate Like Your Life Depends on It

Because Halloween won’t be particularly normal this year, step up the decorating game. Pumpkins, bats, ghosts, spooky sound effects — go big or go home. No, literally, go home.

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Daily Costumes

Get the most bang for your buck on those adorable costumes and get dressed up in costume every day during Halloween week? A week of Halloween-themed dress-up days is fun for the kids and free entertainment for all.

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Make a Homemade Scary Movie

Watching scary movies as a family is awesome. Starring in their own written and directed family homemade scary movie is fun for the whole family. Work on in all October then have a special “premiere” on actual Halloween night.

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Trick-or-Treating in the House

Door-to-door trick-or-treating is not the safest idea this year, so it’s time to get creative. Decorate each door inside the home differently and have different kinds of candy in each room. The kids can still knock and yell “trick-or-treat” — even if it’s only to their parents.

Stay-at-Home Halloween

Get Baking

During a socially distant outdoor Halloween party, get creative and let everyone decorate their own mask. Create prefilled craft bags with plain masks and materials to decorate to match their costumes.