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The value of mindfulness therapies extends to the health of the entire body, including the immune system. According to leading psychiatrist Brian Fallon, MD, MPH, Kundalini yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety are a great way to keep your mind soothed during COVID-19.

Kundalini yoga is a daily practice that incorporates movement, light stretching, a certain type of breathing, and meditation. Any kind of daily practice that becomes ritualized in a way that allows your body and your mind to slow down for about fifteen or thirty minutes a day can be very beneficial. You’re allowing yourself to quiet the endless chatter that’s in your brain and to breathe in a calming way, and that’s enormously soothing.

Mind-body therapies are essential because people need to be able to do something themselves to help modulate their own nervous system. We know that things like meditation and yoga can help the autonomic nervous system be more balanced so that the heart doesn’t race and the breathing isn’t too fast. So that your musculature is not so stressed out that you have pains in your head and down your spine and shooting pains down your leg. We know that anything that can be done to reduce stress can be enormously helpful for mental and physical functioning.

Here are some of our favourite mind-body therapies that you can try out:

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