Postpartum what to expect and how to prepare for it

The holiday season and another year is over and the world is full of people who have made resolutions to get fitter, richer, nicer, more benevolent and I’m sure dozens of things that they hope will make their world a better place to live in. However, the chances are that all those good intentions will probably have disappeared by President’s Day.

Nevertheless, if you are postpartum or mom to a toddler you probably do want to get back in shape, stay active as well as protecting yourself and your precious little one from the ravages of winter, especially as infants are more susceptible to colds and coughs.

There are some simple measures you can take to minimise the winter blues and winter flus (and cold and coughs and other viruses but I like how it rhymed).

First and foremost, make sure both of you have clean hands and all times. Kids naturally try and touch absolutely anything and germs thrive in the cold so wash both your and their hands whenever possible and if you are out and about ensure you always have some child friendly hand sanitiser with you.

The cold weather can leave you dehydrated very quickly so make sure you stay hydrated by ensuring you are never without water for you and whatever junior is currently enjoying, once they reach toddler stage you can get them cute water bottles with their favorite characters to encourage them to top up when needed. Another option could be Pedialyte which is an ideal source for electrolytes for them…and apparently works well for hangovers, should you ever have one!

Vitamin C is a tried and tested warrior in the fight against colds and flu so please make sure both of you get at least your recommended daily dose.

Winter wellness includes a solid resolve to stay active. Of course, if the hurricanes blowing or the snow is waist high its definitely not a good idea to venture out and you should try and maintain a sensible fitness regime at home. Nevertheless, if its crisp and bright there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take a brisk walk or visit the play centre at the mall to avoid you both going stir crazy. You must wrap up warm, avoid getting damp and change out of outdoor clothes as soon as you settle into a warm environment.

Last, and by no means least if you are suffering from postpartum perineal discomfort or hemorrhoid pain there is no reason to restrict your outdoor winter activities. Make sure you keep a Gentlepak flexible pack in the freezer so its ready to use whenever you need it. The terry cloth covering ensures its comfortable to wear at any time and fits easily in your undergarments. If its heat treatment you prefer just heat the pack as instructed for equally soothing results.

Hopefully, you will have found my tips useful in dealing with the coldest season and if you need any more encouragement to stay well and active remember Spring is just around the corner.