Postpartum what to expect and how to prepare for it

From Thanksgiving right through to New Years, the holiday season is indeed the season to be jolly, spending good times with family and friends are times to be treasured and new memories are created. However, along with all the “bonhomie” and good intentions it is also the season of excess, and to a great extent the season of stress.

It’s lovely to be a people pleaser but at this time of year your desire to be the perfect hostess probably includes the entire overhaul of the home, decorating like a Macy’s store stylist, cooking like Gordon Ramsey, purchasing the perfect gifts and wrapping like a hyper-active elf! Let’s not forget choosing the right outfits, finding time for the hair salon and the mani/pedi, and if you have small kids or a new-born to look after the stress dial can go up to eleven!

So…take some time out just for you.

Take a brisk walk, enjoy the crisp winter weather and remember to breathe it all in (unless you live in Florida or LA, in which case it will be power walking as usual!). Find some alone time, light some scented candles and try a little meditation or gentle yoga. Make bath time a mini-spa break with aroma therapy oils, soothing music and most importantly…no interruptions. And, if you have a significant other with good hands convince him that you deserve a relaxing massage.

Unfortunately, not all of your seasonal discomfort can be spirited away with any of the above. If you are post-partum and suffering from perineal pain, if you have developed haemorrhoids, if you are sensitive from waxing or laser hair removal or enduring any other soreness in the pelvic area there is one very simple solution that can put the good will back into the season. Gentlepak® has been specially designed to fit comfortably into your underwear in the ultra-soft terry cover. Depending whether you need soothing ice or warming heat you can keep your pads in the freezer or pop them in the microwave or boiling water and you are good to go. Available in two- or three-unit packs you can rest assured that you will always have one available when you most need it.

Of course, if the idea of all that festive preparation sounds like your worst nightmare you could head for the hills, the beach or ski-resort and let someone else take the strain but whatever you decide don’t forget your Gentlepak®.

Happy Holidays.