Postpartum what to expect and how to prepare for it

So, you’ve spent most of the last nine months going through all sorts of discomforts. It started with the morning sickness, then you had the bloating, weak bladder, mood swings, insane food cravings not forgetting times of feeling unattractive and incapable of doing even the lightest of tasks. But, no matter, you now have your very own bundle of joy. A little person on whom you can lavish unconditional love.

It was all worth it and now all you have to do is become the best mom in the world…oh! And get back into shape. Unfortunately, that is often not all there is to it as nearly all new mothers suffer from some kind of postpartum condition.

Some of the most common complaints are, constipation and perineum soreness. The need for cooling relief has meant that in the past you could either grab a pack of frozen peas and sit on them (kinda awkward if you’re not at home) or try and get on with one of the existing ice packed pads which unfortunately are often too wide, the wrong shape or just didn’t work.

The good news is that there is now a safe and reliable answer to some of your postpartum woes.

gentlepak® is designed by women who understand your body and the need for portability. It is also made using ethically sourced and non-toxic materials.

Fashioned to fit the perineal area, it can be worn comfortably in your underwear due to the ultra-soft terry covering so you can enjoy the cooling, soothing effects indoors or out. Just keep one in the freezer compartment and use as required. You’ll be surprised how long it will maintain that icy cooling effect.

Be aware that gentlepak® was created to provide soothing comfort to some of the most common postpartum symptoms but if you find yourself suffering from anything more serious or the healing process is taking too long please don’t hesitate to see your medical practitioner.